Les Mini-Toques Culinary Challenge 2022

Les Mini-Toques Culinary Challenge 2022
14 May 2022

Maison Sales, a long-standing partner of the Mini Toques culinary competition, contributes each year to enhancing the work of the participating students.

In this 16th edition of the Mini Toques, a challenge intended for pupils in CM1 and CM2, the older children were asked to prepare a recipe based on a choice of vegetables: fennel, chard, asparagus and pulses. They were able to show their creativity by proposing original and tasty dishes, while making the most of these seasonal products!

The Mini Toques event is a key moment during the school year for the pupils, allowing them to discover the culinary world, to express their tastes, their sensitivity and their audacity at each stage of the competition. It encourages children to take an interest in fruit and vegetables and quality French products.

To congratulate them, Maison Sales offered mini packages of mini vegetables and culinary flowers to all participants. Congratulations to all the students for their involvement and rigour!