What is a mini-vegetable?

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A mini-vegetable is a vegetable that is harvested very young.

Maison Sales mini vegetables are not Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOS).

Seeds and varieties are the same as those found on the market: The mini-vegetable is a vegetable harvested before it grows.

This means that the gardener must monitor the growth of each of the species in cultivation, so that he or she can harvest at the moment when the mini-vegetable is at its optimum. This daily decision is the core business of the Maison Sales teams.

For example, while the winter baby carrot can be harvested in 2 days, the courgette flower can be harvested in just 2 hours. These times are halved in summer!

This results in products that are more tender, more fragrant, and more radiant.

But the product is more fragile, and requires more attention after harvesting.

Maison Sales takes great care in sorting and packaging, and in the recommendations for transport.

It is necessary that this care is maintained with the same high standards until the moment of consumption.

Growing methods

Two growing techniques

Due to their short duration, the crops require little fertiliser and only few plant protection treatments.


1 - Open ground

Depending on the vegetables and the season, the crops can be sheltered by glass or plastic multi-hood greenhouses, by tunnels, or by net-shades that protect them from climatic variations.


2 - On coconut fibre

This technique provides an ideal soil base for the development of the plant; in this case, the growing conditions are controlled even more precisely.