What are Mini Vegetables ?

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Mini vegetables are vegetables harvested very young.

Maison Sales mini vegetables are GMO (Genetically-Modified Organism)-free.

Our seeds and varieties are the same as those found on any market stall: mini vegetables are vegetables picked before they mature.

This requires growers to monitor the growth of each species as it develops, so that it can be picked at the exact moment the mini vegetable reaches its optimum state. This daily decision process forms the main focus of the work of the Maison Sales teams.

For example, although the mini winter carrot can be harvested in 2 days, the courgette flower can be picked in only a 2-hour window, and these timeframes are halved in summer !

This method of growing results in more tender, more flavourful and more sensational produce.

However, the produce is fragile and demands increased attention after harvest.

To ensure this, Maison Sales takes great care in the sorting and packing process, and in its recommendations for the transport of produce.

It is essential that this level of care is maintained right until the moment of consumption.