Culinary Art Plants® on display at SIRHA 2023

Culinary Art Plants® on display at SIRHA 2023
21 January 2023

Maison Sales was honoured to have its mini vegetables at the Halles Metro for the 21st edition of the International Catering, Hotel and Food Trade Exhibition.

210,000 food service professionals were present, this event was an opportunity to showcase French products to food professionals such as chefs, restaurateurs and wholesalers.

Mini vegetables, small vegetables harvested before they reach their adult size, offer many advantages for creating aesthetic and original dishes with a delicate touch. Culinary flowers add colour and balance to dishes, while adding a touch of elegance.

The participation of Maison Sales in this major food event demonstrates the importance of promoting its products to an international audience. Mainly intended for top chefs, the Végétaux d'Art Culinaires® allow them to devote themselves to their art and their passion.

Thank you to the Metro teams for their loyalty and recognition as partners.