Opening of the 2013 International Festival of Culinary Photography

During the opening evening of the 5th International Festival of Culinary Photography, Maison Sales products were given pride of place, with 3 recipes created for the occasion by the talented Chef Charles Soussin:

Vegetable jelly with balsamic pearl,

mini vegetable pot au feu

Mini leeks and mini courgette like a maki,

mimosa and nasturtium flowers

Fontainebleau beetroot,

nasturtium flower and borage

as well as 3 flower and vegetable champagne cocktails designed by Jean Sales, immortalised by photographer Francesc Guillamet and exhibited at the Carrousel du Louvre as part of the festival:

Bellini mini beetroot, champagne.

Mini fennel spatula, champagne.

Borage à la nage, champagne.