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Francesc Guillamet and Jean Sales, tale of collaboration – © Maribel R. De Erenchun

Offering the values of nature, beauty and taste and revealing the poetic strength of our mini-vegetables and culinary flowers…

With the close cooperation of Francesc Guillamet.

Francesc Guillamet witnessed the creative development of Ferran Adrià at first hand and designed the visual memory of El Bulli. His work has helped push the boundaries of culinary photography in the strictest sense into the realm of contemporary art.

Although he continues to lend his professional eye to leading figures in international haute cuisine (Joan Roca, Carme Ruscalleda, Xavier Sagristà and others), Francesc Guillamet, who was trained in classical photography techniques and is a keen admirer of Ansel Adams, Paul Strand and Irving Penn, now focuses his artistic work on landscapes and still lifes, regularly exhibiting his work in France and Spain.

Guillamet met Jean and Olivier Sales in 2010.

Attached to their Catalan roots, the three men recognise in one another the same passion for beauty, cuisine and art. Since then, Francesc Guillamet and Jean Sales have turned their creative, professional cooperation into a fertile, interactive partnership.